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        0566-2241286   中文版  |  英文版
        About us
        A professional production of disposable cleaning cloth enterprises
        Chizhou Lihua Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

        Chizhou Lihua Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., established in June 2009, is an enterprise approved by relevant departments. The company has 85 employees and a number of professionals. Anhui Province is a professional production of disposable

        • 11Year

          Production experience

        • 11000 Square

          Company plant area

        • 85 Name

          All kinds of professionals

        Product CenterOur products are sold in domestic and foreign markets and are well received by our customers
        Corporate StyleThe products are exported to 83 countries and regions such as Europe, America and Southeast Asia, and are highly praised by customers
        Cooperation processYears of technical precipitation, more professional service
        • demand

        • Proofing

        • Programme

        • Production

        • Test

        • Check

        • Balance